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The Energetic Artists Led the Future of Chinese Art, at 2020 Art Expo Taiwan

The Energetic Artists Led the Future of Chinese Art, at 2020 Art Expo Taiwan

(2021年9月12日 – NBC21 WJMJ) “2020 Art Expo Taiwan” gathered many famous artists, Wu Li-Ying gallery opened FB and IG Live stream to share the creative experience of Hsinchu City Lakeside Painting Club painters. The Live stream viewers exceeded 2,000 people, and the viewers appreciated and praised Chinese art.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The coronavirus pandemic epidemic continues to occur in various countries around the world. Taiwan’s good epidemic prevention actions have attracted global attention. The country has gradually opened up large-scale events and expos. “2020 Art Expo Taiwan” was held in Taipei World Trade Center. Wu Li-Ying gallery opened the FB and IG Live stream on the 12th, inviting a number of Hsinchu City Lakeside Painting Club painters share their creative experiences. The number of viewers exceeded 2,000, which set off a climax for this expo.

Painter Wu Li-Ying and Liu Wei-Kai, PhD from Hsuan Chuang University jointly created an animated work of ink painting. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, mobile phone scanning QRcode, and points the mobile phone at the waterfall in the ink painting, and the waterfall flows naturally to provide the public different ways to appreciate paintings.

Combining with the modern digital trend, painter Wu Li-Ying launched a live broadcast on Facebook and Instergram to introduce various creative concepts, breaking through 2000 viewers to watch the live stream, and both on-site guests and online audiences have a better understanding of the work. Many netizens leave messages and likes in the live stream, which drives the appeal of the art expo on the Internet.

Ho Wun-Gao, chairman of the Hsinchu City Lakeside Painting Club, led the artists Cheng Shang-Ying, Wang Cian-Yu, Wu Li-Ying, Huang Ri-Xiang, Chen Shuang-Shuang, Chen Yu-Lin, Liu Chun-Sheng, Liu Xiu-Ying, Cian Wun-Man, Gong,Yu-Man, and 11 senior members to join the exhibition. The exhibition site attracted many people to appreciate paintings.


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