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(WRED, COAST TV/2021-10-9)“The 10th Chongqing-Taiwan Art Direct Flight” exhibited 110 works by well-known artists and young painters from Taiwan and Chongqing at the National Taiwan University of Arts to commemorate Xinhai Revolution. Ink Wash Painter and Calligrapher Wu, Li-Ying exhibited new works, which attracted the attention of the public and collectors.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The paintings of Asian artists have gradually attracted the attention of collectors from all over the world. The annual art event “The 10th Chongqing-Taiwan Art Direct Flight-Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution Exhibition of Famous Artists and Cross-Strait Youth Art Works” will be grandly exhibited at the National Taiwan University of the Arts. From October 8 to 17th, 110 works were displayed by famous artists and young painters from Taiwan and Chongqing. The opening ceremony was held on October 8. Several artists came to the venue to exchange creative experiences and experiences with the public. Wu, Li-Ying, ink painter from Hsuan Chuang University, her works have unique painting techniques and bright colors, attracting many people and collectors to stop and admire.

This art joint exhibition aims to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Xinhai Revolution. With “Remembering Xinhai Revolution, the mountains and rivers are painted together” as the theme, through the innovation, perseverance, and patience shown by young painters, it cherishes the memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s pursuit of national independence and determination. Painters from cross-strait are invited to participate in the joint exhibition. In Taiwan, the master and doctoral students of various universities are invited to exhibit 55 paintings. In Chongqing, ten well-known artists and 45 young painters are invited to participate in the exhibition. The works of art integrate the essence of Chinese and Western aesthetics, fully demonstrate the profoundness of Chinese aesthetics and culture. Furthermore, contemporary artworks show the importance of Conceptual art, which art hobbyists and collectors are highly concern.

In the creation of traditional Chinese art, ink paintings are full of changeable brushstroke techniques and creative methods that emphasize intentions rather than entities and are deeply loved by many collectors. Participant ink wash painter and calligrapher Wu, Li-Ying said: “The talents of artists and students from cross-strait are amazing. Every painting on the scene is very brilliant and full of personal characteristics. It is an honor to participate in Chongqing-Taiwan Art Direct Flight’s exhibition activities and communicates with artists from different backgrounds. This time, the works exhibited adopt the three perspective methods proposed by the Northern Song Dynasty painter Han Zhuo. Through the overlapping of the distant and close views of the scenery, the bright red maple leaves and the magnificent cloud waterfall are highlighted, bringing the audience far-reaching Autumn impression.”

Wu, Li-Ying is from Hsinchu City, Taiwan. She is currently studying at Hsuan Chuang University and has been in traditional Chinese painting for more than 30 years. She has been selected many times in the record of figures of calligraphers and painters from cross-strait. Her paintings are collected in many art museums in mainland China. This exhibition of ink painting works, combined with his creation of poems, leads people who appreciate the painting into the context of the painting. Through the brushwork of ink painting, the vividness and change of clouds and waterfalls in nature are presented, so that the painting is quiet and peaceful, and distributed Cool and pleasant comfort in autumn.

“Chongqing-Taiwan Art Direct Flight” aims to promote exchanges between Chongqing and Taiwan through art exhibitions, calligraphy and painting discussions, and other activities, and increase the friendship between people from cross-strait. This event continued the mode of exhibiting works of art. In addition, it combined the excellent artworks of doctoral and master students on campus to add a novel and creative atmosphere to the event site.

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