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(MENAFN/2021年8月23日) According to the global art market report published by The Art Basal in 2020, global sales of art and antiques reached USD 64.1 billion, while sales in the gallery and dealer sector reached USD 36.8 billion. With a burgeoning global art market, MerxArt is optimistic about the development of art exhibitions across the world and aims to provide new integrated branding services for artists, galleries, and exhibition venues with its art PR team. The services include devising plans for media exposure, publishing information online, and releasing social media ads.

The number of online news sites and social media users has grown exponentially over the years. The new medial platforms have brought endless business opportunities for industries. According to the data presented in Digital Report 2020, the number of internet users worldwide reached 4.54 billion; in other words, 60% of the world population was online. MerxArt pointed out that with increasing internet access worldwide, there have been at least 3.8 billion social media users, and people are now used to receiving and disseminating information online, rendering advertising exposed more and more effective.

Given the rapid growth of online information and social media platforms, Merxwire established the MerxArt art public relations team in early 2021 to provide more online communication channels for artists and organizations.

The curator of MerxArt said, “Artists need to focus on their works, so they might not be good at using the Internet or technologies. Exhibitions provide limited exposure. Through the far-reaching impact of the Internet, we are able to quickly market theater, music, paintings, and installation art. Apart from promoting online exhibitions and all types of art, MerxArt also assists corporations in managing their brand image and making professional marketing plans. MerxArt hopes to promote the beauty of art to customers in the colorful world online so that people from around the world can know about more artworks.”

Since Europe, the U.S. and China are important art markets in the world, together with the fact that art has no borders, MerxArt considers presenting art on the Internet on a global scale as a very effective strategy for promoting art to all corners of the world. Every form of art can be promoted through MerxArt’s information publishing center and social media advertising. By so doing, artwork can attract attention from the art industry and gain exposure, while the artists can gain visibility and increase their influence on major social media platforms, such as Sina Weibo or TikTok.

Company Name: MerxArt
Contact person: Amelia Jones

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